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AUSTYN KING- King of the Bop

AUSTYN KING- King of the Bop

When you take a drummer, keyboardist & acoustic

guitarist with a degree in mass communications, that has a

catalog of over 40 pop/r&b songs from club bops and pop

singles, to conscious inspirational songs and sexy club

ballads. This is what we call the definition of music

entertainment for all; Austyn King. 

His compositions of

relevant music production, captivating approach to the r&b

music landscape, velvety vocals, and now his ability to

make cover song remixes to popular hit songs so

effortlessly, you start to wonder what he will do next.

The difference between him & other artists in his genre is

that all of his songs are produced, written, and even self

engineered. No matter the musical approach, it's all

coming from the talented mind of Austyn King. 


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