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DEE LUCAS- The Prince of Indie Smooth Jazz

DEE LUCAS- The Prince of Indie Smooth Jazz

National recording artist and saxophonist Dee Lucas has been noted as the hardest working indie artist in contemporary jazz while steadily growing his brand and fan base beginning with Remembrance in 2004.  Thereafter, it has been a steady showcase of unique stylings with Something to Ride 2 (2007), Standing Room Only (2010), Rebirth of the Smooth (2012), The Smooth Factor (2014), Going Deeper (2016), The Sweet Spot (2017), Going Left (2018), and the critically-acclaimed The Time Is Now (2020).

“The Time Is Now” marked his his 9th worldwide release and is arguably considered his best work to date.  It features some of the brightest producers and special guest artists in Adam Hawley, Blake Aaron, Darryl Williams, David P. Stevens, Lew Laing, Jr., Gino Rosaria, & George Freeman.  Dee’s latest album has been positioned on several music charts including the Billboard Top 20 Smooth Jazz charts.  It also was recently nominated for the Indie Soul Smooth Jazz Album of the Year award. 

As as runner-up in the 2007 Capital Jazz Festival Competition, Dee Lucas has co-billed with an extensive number of artists such as Boney James, Norman Brown, Ronnie Laws, Nnenna Freelon, Hugh Masekela, Gregg Karukas, Peter White, Nick Colionne, Michael Franks, Peabo Bryson, Miki Howard, The Mahattans, and Howard Hewett just name a few. He has performed at several jazz festivals such as The Arizona Jazz Festival, The Jacksonville Jazz Festival, The Savannah Jazz Festival, The Atlanta Jazz Festival, & The Myrtle Beach Jazz Festival 

Lucas has recently released a new single titled ‘Hot Ice’ featuring keyboardist Gino Rosaria to kick off the 2022 campaign.  It has already garnered raved reviews which will set the table for his 10th album release “No Boundaries” scheduled for early 2023.

Listen to this episode and hear about his humble beginnings in the music industry to becoming  one of the giants in smooth jazz. We laughed, shared positive vibes and of course played plenty of music!!!!

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