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J. BROWN- Keeping Love Alive!

J. BROWN- Keeping Love Alive!

Detroit native, J.Brown, has cultivated a unique sound that continues to shock the world! Brown began his musical career at the age of eight years old with the help of his mother. She encouraged him to join the church choir and after years of singing, Brown's passion grew. His outstanding vocal talents stood out from the rest to where he was offered to regularly perform at the Pistons and Lions games in his home city. Brown's voice opened doors that he could never have fathomed. When he graduated from high school he was granted a fall academic scholarship to Grambling State University. This is where his passion for music became his profession!

Brown was exposed to a variation of music such as Bell Biv Devoe, Jon. B, Mint Condition, Brian McKnight, Usher, Jay-Z, Jimi Hendrix, Nas and Sting which helped him during his creative process. After college, Brown began worked with Universal Republic Records, and released

Imma Love You Right and 'Sex On My Money ft. Gucci Mane. This led to Brown creating his own top ten UAC Billboard hits "Give It 2 U", "Sunrise Sunset" and "Moon". The evolution of J. Brown continues.

As of January 2022, J. Brown joined the Sono Recording Group (SRG/ILS) (UMG). This year, Brown is bringing a new sound to SRG/ILS and is not holding back.

"I want to bring back music that will ultimately make people fall back in love. I want to take fans to a musical realm where love is light and fun. I want people to say, 'This guy has music that is not only good, but timeless!" - J.


Brown's upcoming single

• Simpin" embodies that timeless essence.

"Everyone has been there... 'Simpin' for someone.

This song is colorless,

ageless and most importantly relatable!" Brown's debut album is to be released late 2022. Brown's feel good music will take the world by storm.

"Let's get back to the real love and the music that really matters and means something."- J.Brown

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