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Patti LaBelle - Solo Years 1977-1990

Patti LaBelle - Solo Years 1977-1990

Episode 63. Six Degrees of Patti LaBelle. The Queen. The Legendary Godmother of Soul. Hosted by Troy Saunders, Wanda T., and Arif St. Michael.

The first episode of this series dedicated to Patti LaBelle features music and stories from Patti LaBelle’s solo years, 1977-1990. We play and discuss legendary classics, deep cuts, and live versions of her amazing hits. The podcast is meant to uplift your spirits and make you feel good.

​​Capable of matching the wail of a fire engine and yet just as affecting when singing barely above a whisper, R&B legend Patti LaBelle has enjoyed one of the longest careers in contemporary music. Active since the early '60s with the Bluebelles - the girl group that evolved into '70s funk trailblazers LaBelle - she has notched hits in a variety of sounds including girl group pop, gutsy soul, space-age funk, hard-hitting disco, lush quiet storm, and high-tech pop.

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