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Rebecca Jade - One of the Baddest Singer/Songwriters Out There Today

Rebecca Jade - One of the Baddest Singer/Songwriters Out There Today

Episode 71. Host Troy Saunders interviews one of the baddest singer/songwriters out there today, Rebecca Jade. If you do not have her latest album, “A Shade of Jade,” in your playlist, you better go get it. It’s insane from beginning to end. This also happens to be the first record where Rebecca wrote all of the lyrics.

Rebecca talks about growing up in a musical home, and being exposed to a broad range of artists, genres and styles, as well as her ongoing training both as a vocalist and learning to play bass. She explains that it’s very helpful for anyone who wants to be part of the music industry to learn music theory, especially for singers. Rebecca graduated from UC Berkeley on a full basketball scholarship with a degree in Theatre & Performance Studies, has earned her MBA in Marketing from the University of Phoenix, and advanced her musical education by studying Jazz Theory and Classical Voice at Grossmont College.

In 2022, Rebecca Jade earned “Breakout Artist of Year” from Smooth Jazz Network and “Debut Artist of the Year” by JazzTrax, and two San Diego Music Awards (SDMA) for “Best Music Video” and “Best R&B, Funk, or Soul Song” for “What’s It Gonna Be,” the first single off of “A Shade of Jade”. She was nominated for five SDMAs in 2023, and took home “Best R&B, Funk, or Soul Album” for “A Shade of Jade”.

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