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Candace Woodson - The Queen of Sophisticated Soul

Candace Woodson - The Queen of Sophisticated Soul

Episode 73. Host Troy Saunders interviews the Queen of Sophisticated Soul, Candace Woodson. They start by talking about how a small-town girl from Kentucky became a queen. Candace explains that she grew up in a family that loved all genres of music. She went to school and learned about the music industry while continuing to develop her craft to pursue her epic award-winning career. Candace wants everyone to know that she is that little girl holding a brush in the mirror, singing those great songs where you need to know every note and how to express what makes the song special. Candace Woodson has a lifelong passion for performing and a talent for resilience she calls “stick to it-ness”.

Candace shares amazing advice given to her by Pam Sawyer, the songwriter who penned “Love Child” for the Supremes. Sawyer told her, “You want to find a song that when somebody is in the car, that they don’t get out until they hear all of that song until the end. You don’t want a song that when someone is driving to the store and the radio is in the middle of the song, they get out of the car anyway. You want the song where they have to listen to the end.” That’s an amazing lesson for everyone looking for a career in music.

Candace’s chart-topping singles include “The Answer Is No,” a defiant female empowerment ballad. “The Answer Is No” hit #1 on the UK Soul Chart Top 30 and has continued to receive airplay on Smooth Jazz Radio as well as other top stations. “Midas Touch (Ooh Ooh),” which hit the #1 spot on the UK Soul Charts, is an up-tempo track perfect to help get the party started.

Another hit for Candace is “Free,” a funky old-school dance anthem that conveys hope and positivity in the wake of adversity. This is a message she conveys stemming from her own experience and feeling after receiving her last cancer treatment at the Medical University of South Carolina. With the help of UK promoter Steve Ripley, who has worked on hits for Diana Ross, Luther Vandross, Maxwell, and Jody Watley, “Free” rose to #12 on the UK Soul Chart Top 30.

This interview is a joy, with so much fun and happiness. That’s what music is all about.

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