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Cornell CC Carter - Smooth Soul Singer and Songwriter

Cornell CC Carter - Smooth Soul Singer and Songwriter

Episode 74. Host Troy Saunders interviews soul singer and songwriter, Cornell CC Carter. He’s always smooth and on point and we’re here for it! Cornell called in from the United Kingdom, where he’s working on collaborations and promoting his new single, “It’s So Nice”. He starts off by expressing how important it is to him to build upon the legacy of the amazing artists who have come before him.

For many years, he was devoted to taking care of his family. While he was always on stage and performing, working as a session and background singer, he didn’t dedicate himself to his own music career until his children were old enough for him to put himself out there and follow his passion for music. He has opened for legendary artists including James Brown, Ray Charles, The Whispers, The Temptations, Natalie Cole, and Kool and the Gang.

Cornell has dedicated his entire career to his older brother Donald, an incredible talent with an amazing voice who was tragically killed in a car accident at age 18. Cornell still feels his brother’s presence every time he opens his voice to sing.

Troy plays tracks from Cornell’s debut album, “Vindicated Soul,” followed by “One Love,” the album that put Cornell on the map and remains his most popular release. If you discovered Cornell’s music on “One Love,” be sure to check out the rest of his catalog.

Troy and Cornell engage in a deep discussion that everyone needs to hear about the legacy of Black music and the difference between those who appreciate and honor it and those that try to appropriate it. They delve into how vital it is for today’s artists to look back at what they are building on and how important that musical foundation is to the culture. This discussion alone is worth your time to check out this episode.

Cornell has a vault of songs recorded for his upcoming sixth album, “Let It Go”. That album is dedicated to people who have things going on in their lives that they need to let go. He’s also working on collaborations with DJs in the UK that will be released in the coming months.

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