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Teri Tobin - A Deep and Empowered Soul Singer and Songwriter

Teri Tobin - A Deep and Empowered Soul Singer and Songwriter

Episode 79. Host Troy Saunders has his latest conversation with award-winning soul singer and songwriter Teri Tobin. Her music is uplifting and soothing, from the heart, a spiritual experience, all in one beautiful package.

Teri does the interview from her home in Arizona. She was born there, raised in Southern California, lived all over the place, eventually ending up in Houston. After a hurricane damaged her home and caused her to lose her job, she decided it was time to go back home to be with her family.

Teri has performed from a very young age, starting in church, and then getting signed as a teenager to a deal as part of an R&B and hip-hop soul act. When that project faltered, she pursued a promised solo deal that never materialized, before finally finding her place at Howard University, where she found her footing and developed her signature sound of hybrid musical influences from soulful rock to jazzy R&B. Album releases include “Love Infinity” (2011), “Good To Me” (2012), and “Truth Is” (2014).

Since her last album, she’s dealt with writer’s block and a severe bout of COVID that affected her voice, so it’s never been the same. She shares a touching story about how when she recorded a song with her “new” voice, she was forced to re-record the lead vocals and face new challenges while still in recovery, which helped her build her confidence to keep making music.

She’s currently working on her fifth album, “Forever,” and discusses how she is a true indie artist. She has produced and recorded almost all of her own music, and handles every aspect of her music and career. She’s hoping that the new album will be out by the fall, so follow her social media accounts for news about the upcoming release and her performance schedule.

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