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K'Jon - R&B Singer Reflects On His Musical Legacy

K'Jon - R&B Singer Reflects On His Musical Legacy

Episode 83. Your host Troy Stephens returns with an amazing conversation with R&B singer K’Jon, best known for his hit song "On the Ocean," a favorite on the The Steve Harvey Morning Show that hit #1 on the Urban AC Radio charts and #12 on Billboard's R&B charts. As always, Troy plays portions of his favorite K’Jon tracks and encourages everyone to go out and stream - and buy - the full songs. Go out and support these indie artists!

K’Jon begins by expressing that he wants to leave a legacy with his music, something that his kids can remember and have fun with when he’s gone. He wants his music to last for generations. Throughout the interview, you’ll hear how passionate K’Jon is about the music he puts out and how he wants it to move people and make them feel.

Troy and K’Jon discuss how they both grew up listening to all genres and eras of music. They were exposed to so many amazing artists and styles and that reflects on the music they still listen to and produce. The Detroit native is influenced by Motown, and even talks about how he wants to make an album of big band music. We’re hoping that project will come to fruition soon.

“On the Ocean” was featured on K’Jon’s debut album, “I Get Around,” in 2009. Since then, he’s released “Man” (2013), “A Beautiful Thing” (2014), and the pandemic stress reliever “Live, Love & Laughter” (2020). He’s released several singles since his last release, and a new EP is coming out this month. Even though K’Jon has been signed to a major label in the past, he seems to enjoy the freedom and control over his music that being an indie artist allows him.

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