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Nes: From Chance Performances to GRAMMY Dreams - A Remarkable Journey in Music

Nes: From Chance Performances to GRAMMY Dreams - A Remarkable Journey in Music

Episode 84. Dive into a captivating conversation as host Troy Stephens speaks with renowned songwriter/producer Nes. Discover the unexpected journey Nes took into the music industry, and learn about her incredible rise to stardom after a serendipitous encounter with the Force MDs.

Episode Highlights:

  • Unexpected Beginnings: Nes never planned to be a singer but found her knack for songwriting early on.
  • The Big Break: A chance performance at a party led to collaborations with legends like Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Anne Nesby, Johnny Gill, and even Queen Latifah.
  • GRAMMY Dreams: Get a glimpse into Nes's passion as she discusses her GRAMMY-considered song "Everything About Me Is Dif’rent.”
  • Industry Insights: Nes delves into the lessons she learned from music moguls and her experiences with icons like Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson.
  • The Comeback: Unravel why Nes took a hiatus from music and her triumphant return filled with new opportunities.
  • Looking Ahead: Stay tuned for upcoming projects, potential collaborations, and two EPs from the unstoppable Nes.

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