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Kenny Allen - A Musical Journey Across Genres and Continents

Kenny Allen - A Musical Journey Across Genres and Continents

Episode 86. Welcome back to another riveting episode of the BAAS Entertainment Podcast with your ever-enthusiastic host, Troy Saunders! In today’s show, we're diving into the eclectic world of Kenny Allen – a phenomenal talent whose music is as diverse as it is soulful, blending pop, jazz, R&B, alternative, world music, and hip hop.

Growing up in Washington, DC, in a household filled with music, Kenny was destined for a life intertwined with melodies and harmonies. His parents, both musicians, laid the groundwork for his artistic journey, shaping him into the multi-faceted artist he is today – a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer.

In our conversation, we kick things off with “The Great Lonely Lover,” a track that not only captured Troy's heart but also marked a turning point in Kenny's career. Kenny opens up about his musical evolution, the importance of vulnerability in his work, and how his experiences have influenced his artistry.

Kenny doesn’t forget to pay homage to his mentors, Sean “The Rick” Rickman and Federico Peña, who played pivotal roles in his early career and helped him forge invaluable connections, including with the incredible Me'Shell NdegéOcello.

Our journey with Kenny also takes us to Ethiopia, where what was supposed to be a six-month stint turned into an eye-opening 16 and a half years of musical exploration, filmmaking, and fashion endeavors. This chapter of his life was transformative, broadening his horizons and adding a unique dimension to his music.

Throughout the episode, we'll be treating your ears to a curated selection of Kenny’s discography, accompanied by fascinating stories and insights that give you a peek behind the curtain of his creative process. Learn about his ambitious 12-for-12 project in 2021, where he challenged himself to release a song every month, resulting in a year of incredible music.

Don’t miss out on his latest studio album, “Kalorama,” which is Kenny's 12th release and a testament to his artistic evolution. You can find it and connect with Kenny through his Instagram @mrkennyallen. Make sure to purchase the full album to fully immerse yourself in the sonic world of this indispensable indie artist.

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