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Thumper Samuels - Pounding The O-ZONE Sound

Thumper Samuels - Pounding The O-ZONE Sound

Episode 87. Dive into the rhythmic world of Thumper Samuels on the BAAS Entertainment Podcast, as host Troy Saunders uncovers the melody of a musician's journey who’s never missed a beat. From the family clarinet that charted his course to the 'O-ZONE Sound' that's captivating LA, Thumper's story resonates beyond the twelve instruments he plays—it echoes the heartbeat of his hometown of Omaha.

Discover the drive behind his dual GRAMMY-considered works, “Share the Influence” and “Key To My Heart,” and experience the dedication in his tributes to the heroes of our time through his number one singles. With every tale and tune, Thumper reveals how he strikes a chord that not only entertains but heals and unites.

Thumper Samuels' music has struck a chord with audiences, particularly with his singles “Hope (Heal Our Planet Earth)” and “Magic,” which became back-to-back number one hits inspired by the camaraderie and sacrifice of front-line workers during the pandemic. Motivated by the profound impact his songs have on listeners, Samuels is set to release “It’s OK, I’m Here” for free—a comforting message to those facing hardship. Additionally, he’s gearing up to energize fans with an upcoming funk anthem, “You Gotta Get Up To Get Down,” encouraging everyone to dance and celebrate life.

The interview concludes by spotlighting Samuels' philanthropic efforts through his two nonprofit organizations. JADA (Jazz Against Domestic Abuse) is dedicated to raising funds for domestic abuse awareness and supporting victims in their escape from abusive environments. Meanwhile, Our Stars of Tomorrow champions educational aspirations by donating proceeds from one Samuels-composed song each year to college scholarships, specifically aiding low-income students who lack other financial resources or scholarship options.

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