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Frank McComb- A Jack Of All Trades and A Master Of Them All

Frank McComb- A Jack Of All Trades and A Master Of Them All

Episode 96. Join Host Troy Saunders as he chats with the exuberant, musician, singer, producer, songwriter, arranger, innovator and all around wonderful person; Frank McComb.

Frank McComb has worked with the Who's Who's in popular music from Prince to Stevie Wonder to George Duke to Chaka Khan to Branford Marsalis and the list goes on and on. Many people like to label him as a Jazz Musician, but he is so much more! Able to swing through Jazz, Soul, R&B, Gospel & Pop, Frank can cover many genres of music with ease.

In this funny and high spirited episode Frank gladly shares stories on his beginnings in music working with such legends as the O'Jay's, LeVert, Gamble and Huff and Branford Marsalis. One of the highlights of this episode is his story on how playing with Wynton Marsalis at an impromptu jam fest, helped him overcome being intimidated around other musicians.

Frank has been in the music industry for over 35 years first as session musician, musical director, and a member of Branford Marsalis' band, Buckshot LeFonque; where he sang and played keyboards.

In 2000 he released his, critically acclaimed,  first album "Love Stories"! Until today its still a fan favorite. Since then there has been no stopping this genius of music. Writing, producing, engineering, recording, editing, promoting most  of his music, as an independent artist Mr. McComb does it all... and well!!!!

Tune into this episode and take a ride on the Frank McComb rollercoaster though his exciting, informative and exemplary career. Troy and Frank laugh and share stories as they take a brief look into Mr. McComb extensive musical catalog.

Good Conversation! Good Energy and of course Good Music!! What more could you ask for.

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