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Bradd Marquis- The Soul Behind The Soulful Sound

Bradd Marquis- The Soul Behind The Soulful Sound

Episode 97. Join Host Troy Saunders as he takes the listener on a ride through the life and career of a true renaissance man, Bradd Marquis. Since childhood it seems that Bradd had been groomed to be in the field of entertainment. From singing in church as a child to starring roles in several plays; Bradd has learned to do it all. He can sing, act, song-write, produce, arrange, run a business, promote and so much more. 

With a voice in the vein of Christoper Williams, Johnny Gill and of course Sam Cooke, Bradd in his own unique style, can deliver a song that can stir your emotions and leave you wanting more. He is a force to be reckoned with.

In this episode we touch on how, Bradd wound up in the entertainment industry. Believe it or not it was not the profession he dreamt of being in as a child. A unique play he starred in that got him over the fear of being on stage and taught him to put it all out in his performances, literally. We also cover how a leap out on faith landed him on Billboard, and several other music outlets, as an Independent artist. Also find out how the idea of starting a show that paid tribute to the late great Sam Cooke, starring Bradd himself,  came to be and how it evolved into the spectacular that it is today.

Of course, our conversation  is laced with some of my favorite Bradd Marquis songs. Ending with his current offering "OU" which will be on his new EP "I Choose You" dropping shortly on all podcast platforms in April. 

Join us as we turn up the good vibes, through, laughter, great conversation and of course music.

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