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Lawrence Rosenborough- The Brilliant and Expressive Mind of A Soul Singer

Lawrence Rosenborough- The Brilliant and Expressive Mind of A Soul Singer

Episode 101- Join Host Troy Saunders as he presents Lawrence Rosenborough,  a new  up and coming artist who artistry  bridges the gap between, Soul, R&B, Jazz, Rock, Blues and Gospel.  His voice brings to mind soul stirring singers like CeeLo Green and D.J. Rogers; but with a style all his own.

In this episode Troy and Lawrence cover all the songs in his new EP entitled "Human Relations". This EP is 5 songs of soulful bliss. The lyrics of each song are profound and thought provoking. No bum tracks here. From the Blues/ Gospel tinged "Flowers" to the final song , a soulful/ Jazz  gem  "Back To Civilization". All of the songs will have you eagerly wanting more.

Lawrence talks how growing up in adverse conditions help to spawn his creativity. Lawrence speaks from his heart and soul. In this conversation you can hear the passion as he explains the premise behind each song and meaning behind the lyrics and melody.

Lawrence did not set out to be a solo artist; he just wanted to be a songwriter and shop his music to other artists. While on this quest he had an epiphany that no one can  express the meaning behind his songs better than he can; so why wait for someone to help him release this energy into the universe. Thus, giving birth to his EP "Human Relations"

Please join Troy in welcoming this newcomer to the Indie Soul scene, by listening to this podcast and supporting this unique and inspiring artist. Lawrence Rosenborough is the truth!!!

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