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Toy Taha- A Philadelphia Rose Blooms

Toy Taha- A Philadelphia Rose Blooms

Episode 102- Join Host Troy Saunders as he chats with singer, songwriter, arranger, producer, and performance artist Toy Taha!!!

Hailing from Philadelphia Toy has a long list of talented family members that have roots in music. In this episode She talks to Troy about her passion for music and its origins. They also discuss where she draws inspiration from in writing her songs and true facts behind gems like "Collapsed" the last song on her latest album, "Eight".  

Toy's latest album is called "Eight".  It has garnered worldwide attention charting in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Australia and of course here in the US. Not only is 8 her favorite number, but she took eight years off after first releasing music to world; before reemerging in 2022 with new music. Find out what other things in her musical career that she used the number 8. 

Toy is usually shy and likes her life to stay private; but in this conversation she willing to open up to Troy about several things that her listening audience might not know. It's a warm and genuine conversation that will have you laughing and feeling good. 

Tune in and get a glimpse into one of Indie Soul's  rising stars!!!!

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