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Ricky Jones- The Love & Pain Behind His Latest Masterpiece

Ricky Jones- The Love & Pain Behind His Latest Masterpiece

Episode 103- Join Host Troy Saunders as he chats with songwriter, producer, arranger, musician and of course singer Ricky Jones. 

You all my remember Ricky from a previous episode where Troy conversed with him and his then wife Shireen Crutchfield. Together they were Crutchfield Jones. Today Ricky is a solo act and spilling his heart out on his latest album "Crazy Sexy". They say that heartbreak makes the best music; well that is definitely the case in this project. Ricky's voice has never sounded better as croons, belts and serenades the listener from one emotional gem to the next.

In this episode Ricky and Troy converse about the feelings and emotions that went into writing favorites like "Tone", "Sleeping With The Enemy", " I Love You More". "I Got It Bad". "Tell Me What's Wrong", "What A Good Woman Will Do" and more.

Ricky couldn't be more honest and sincere. You could hear his pure heart in every word during this conversation. The music and discussion will touch your soul and leave you wanting to hear more from this incredible artist.

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