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Michon Young- Love Is The Message

Michon Young- Love Is The Message

Episode 104- Join hosted Troy Saunders as he converses with Singer, Songwriter, Producer and all around beautiful spirit Michon Young!

Michon's smooth, sultry, and inviting voice has been seducing Indie soul and inspirational listeners for nearly 15 years! In this episode Troy and Michon discuss how she started as a choir member in Pastor Marvin Winans' church. We all know Marvin Winans from the, Gospel Superstar,  Winans Family. Michon tells the story on how she went from being apart of the choir, to soloist, to being handpicked by Pastor Winans to go on tour with him.

Now 13 years later, Michon has released 5 albums. The first an Inspirational gem called Possessing The Promise. 10 songs of some of Michon's finest work. Her plan was to make this her first and last album. She just wanted to fulfill a life long dream. They talk about what was her inspiration in continuing to record and release more music. 

Troy and Michon joyfully go through her catalog picking out some  of the gems on each album. One thing each song has in common is the expression of love. Whether it's a social awareness song like "Colorless Tears". a song of an ending relationship as in "Count It A Lesson" or the joy of finding new love, as in "Oooh"; the message is always about love. 

Of course, Troy highlights the latest project "Love Is My Lane" last. They  start of by sliding into first single "Bounce Back" released this past January. Then they converse about Michon's work with the incomparable Frank McComb; before ending with the latest single "Lovely" (Troy's favorite on the album) and "Pull" which was released as a single in the UK. 

It appears that the UK audience has really crowned Michon as Indie Soul Royalty, and rightfully so. I hope through this episode many more people, not only in the UK but here in the US and worldwide, will recognized the brilliance of Michon Young

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