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Chester Gregory- A Look Into His Multiverse World

Chester Gregory- A Look Into His Multiverse World

Episode 108- Join host Troy Saunders as he takes a look into the world of the multitalented Chester Gregory!

Troy and Chester met back in 2008 and by that time Chester had already solidified his name in the annuals as one of  Broadway's finest performers; and was in the process of releasing his first independent soul album, "In Search Of High Love". Prior to this Chester taught in the Chicago public school system & performed around Chicago in several plays. This led him to the lead role in "The Jackie Wilson Story" which toured the country. The performance brought Chester and the cast to The Apollo Theater in Harlem NY, where it was met with rave reviews. Chester shorty after landed a major role on Broadway in "Hairspray" and the rest is history. 

 In this episode Troy and Chester discuss Chester's reverence for his home town Gary, Indiana and the role it played in his career choices. As we all know Michael Jackson  (one of Chester's biggest influences) was from Gary. Chester explains how playing Jackie Wilson & Berry Gordy brought him to meeting Michael himself. It was a full circle moment. Chester also tell Troy his feelings on getting a Honorary Doctorate from his alma mater, Columbia College Chicago.

Throughout the conversation the guys play snippets from Chester's 2008 album "In Search Of High Love" and his latest offering "Retrograde". Chester tells the listening audience to be on the look out for a new album but wouldn't give a release date but explains the premise behind the project.

Chester is one of the most talented people in entertainment. Tune in to get a glimpse into what makes this incomparable genius tick. It was a wonderful conversation full of insight, history and of course music.

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